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“A life lived according to Truth, Integrity, Honesty, Justice and Love, is a life lived on The Edge of our capacities and comfort zone. It demands humility, vulnerability and courage to live that life.” – John

The way of healing


I Who you are is defined by objective truth and the reality of your standing before God. Your worth and the values you pursue is free from any human or personal opinion. Instead it is defined by the Creator and Sustainer of all living. Accepting that identity is groundbreaking and freeing beyond measure, therefore be transformed by the renewing of your mind.


A No one can do life alone. We are social creatures and live in dependency of God and other people. Always. Usually we have been hurt in relationships and seek to protect ourselves. Yet, the only way to heal our wounds is in a safe environment with a honest community of brothers or sisters that encourage each other to live according to their true identity.


H This is the greatest help to persevere and not give up the fight. Seeing the Light of Christ, a brighter future. Having a sure outcome gives eternal perspective and strength to pull through the hard challenges of our world with true joy intact. We all need hope and there is only one hope that never dies out and that never causes us to be ashamed of trusting in it.

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There are many resources out there that one can use in order to fight addiction, when we want to get to the ground of what drives our self destructive coping behaviours and what will help us heal over time. In my own recovery from love and sex addiction, I needed a combination of tools that…

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Understanding the difference between trying harder and trying smarter belongs to the essential toolkit of recovery from addictions and self-destructive coping behaviours. When I became aware that I had a real problem, I was quick to make commitments to stop self destructive behaviours like smoking, drinking and drugs. Unfortunately, other behaviours remained and they drove…

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My Journey exposed


My goal is to be authentic about my own growth process and to share it on this blog. I am not perfect, but open and clear about what I believe will help you go forward. Join me and open up for your share of brotherly love.


I have been blessed with people in my life that have told me the hard truths about myself and the world. I will endeavour to be honest in my articles and to share the wisdom I gained on my journey.


This life is meant for growth. Since no one is perfect except God himself, we all have reason to reflect on our ways and to seek justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly in our relationships with others in this world.

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“There is only one Way that will motivate us to live a pious, selfless and hope-filled life, and that Way is the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and His people.” – John