Taking responsibility

“Take responsibility!”, is one of those phrases we may have heard from our parents, teachers and for some of us even from our bosses. And we might have hated it and never thought about its meaning and crucial benefits to our life, because we were overwhelmed by our own personal challenges and/or damage control.

Why is it so important that I live responsibly and what does it look like to take responsibility in every day life? And how in the world can I act responsibly when I’m feeling powerless and hopeless to change anything?

Being aware of our position in life and taking responsibility in light of that are key elements in dealing with unwanted coping behaviours that keep us enslaved to an unhealthy lifestyle that destroys our self, our body and our relationships to others. Allow me to illustrate my point of view and tell you a story in the following lines.

“I lived in a bubble, a fantasy world where I was the center of the universe and I was the hero of the story.”

John Theodore
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Me vs Addiction

My experience with self-destructive coping behaviours has been 26 years long. Several comorbid addictions, namely Relationship-, Sex- and Gaming addiction were part of my life before I started seeing progress in breaking free. I was unable to stop it.

As I progress in my journey, I see that other things pop up that my brain would like to use to soothe myself and find peace but nothing except true love can satisfy my hurting heart.

“Did I have a choice?”

John Theodore
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Telling my story

Hello again! Great to see your interest in knowing more about the Thinking Addict and the story behind the creation of this website.

I am excited to see you here and look forward to get to know you personally if you are interested, but let me introduce myself.

“I want to know the truth!”

John Theodore
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